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What’s hot in video for 2017? We cut straight to the action!

Written by Duncan Shears

Senior Video Editor/ Director

What’s hot in video for 2017? We cut straight to the action!

As usual there’s lots of hype around the hot new trends coming through on video for next year, but how do you cut through the noise and work out what’s really worth a look? Our new Senior Video Editor / Director, Duncan Shears gives you the heads up on what technologies are set to fly next year…

360 video

With virtual reality (VR) seemingly on everyone’s Christmas list; from Google cardboard to the top end HTC VIVE, it is clear to see that it’s a highly effective visual medium when people get to experience it. When done well, VR’s ability to immerse viewers in a world is unparalleled. Sometimes it’s even too good - !

Whilst the tech is still in the early adopter stage, the media can still be viewed on traditional flat screens to great effect.

When produced with high-end 3D audio, the results can be spectacular:  

Vertical video

As more and more video is being consumed on mobile devices, marketers have to find more interesting and innovative ways of standing out from the crowd. One great way of doing this is to fundamentally challenge a key understanding of what videos look like.

Vertical video’ is one such innovation. Once seen as a Snapchat anomaly, it has been gaining traction since its inception in 2014. Geared towards the ever-growing mobile market, vertical video can provide some interesting benefits to the publishing and marketing world with some examples coming to the fore.

Some key insights heralded by Virool’s Vertical Reveal product page are; it’s 9x completion rate versus traditional mobile video, 4x more screen real estate meaning that your viewer has a full screen video without needing to rotate the device and allowing more user friendly embedding in-line with written content.

Live streaming

Not so new concept but technology is making this much more normal and widespread with the likes of Periscope, Facebook and YouTube making streaming easier than ever. But the newest kid on the streaming block, Hype, from the original creators of Vine, hopes to add even more to make streaming more audience interactive.

It’s been described as “Facebook Live for meme culture” allowing for “…content sharing within a live stream, blending different types of communication and resulting in broadcasts where the live video can be just one element within a rich mix.”

I’m excited to see where this platform goes as it looks to be a ‘get creative’ tool that, given the creator’s pedigree, could produce some really entertaining content

Live streaming.jpg.

Our video team is already looking at how innovations in technology, can be applied to creating must-watch material. The applications are endless and they allow us to get really creative for both our B2B and B2C clients.

If you’re interested to find out more, then get in touch: duncan.shears@remarkablegroup.co.uk or give us a call on 01962 893893.


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