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Remarkable Group wins Crest’s Development Consultant of the Year

Written by Taylor Haydon

Marketing Assistant

Remarkable Group were delighted to win Crest Nicholson South’s Development Consultant of the Year at their end of year celebration last week in Brighton. This is a great award for the Remarkable Group.

The award recognises Remarkable’s outstanding work implementing political communications strategies on a number of high-profile sites across the South East.

Stephen Pomeroy, CEO of Remarkable Group commented: “In previous years this award has been won by international architects and lawyers, so we are proud that Remarkable Group has been recognised as playing such an important part in the development process.  The achievement follows a lot of hard work from the Winchester team who have all delivered an outstanding service this year and supported Crest South on some very prominent sites.”

The award was accepted by Remarkable’s Miles Willshire, who leads the Crest Nicholson account.

If you would like to know more about our work and award-winning service, please contact Miles Willshire on 01962 893 859 or miles.willshire@remarkablegroup.co.uk

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