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Meet Remarkable at MIPIM 2017

Written by James Wood

Senior Account Executive

James Bird, Director at Remarkable Group, will be available to meet at MIPIM 14 – 17 March 2017.

James-Bird.jpgA public affairs professional with a solid background in communications James has a proven track record in delivering effective campaigns in public consultation and political relations in London and beyond. James is a former freelance broadcast journalist, councillor and parliamentary candidate.

Remarkable Group recently acquired HardHat, the London-based communications consultancy for the property, development, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The merger will see Remarkable Group become the UK’s largest public consultation and stakeholder communications agency with a 30-strong office in London and an unparalleled level of experience in major projects throughout the Capital, alongside its offices in Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol, Norwich and Winchester.

To pre-book a meeting with James, please email jo.hilder@remarkable.co.uk or call 0203 697 7630’.

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