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New report shows 60% of councillors believe developers should be engaging with local communities through social media as part of consultation process

The growing importance of social media as an engagement tool in the planning consultation process has been highlighted in a Remarkable Engagement survey of 1,401 councillors across Great Britain.

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The future for Manchester’s skyline

The Co-operative, Gary Neville and Ian Simpson are just some of the names involved in the skyward expansion of Manchester, a city which is both regenerating and reinventing itself. This week, Allied London became the latest developer to join the skyward movement following the announcement that their plans to build a ‘vertical village’ named Trinity Towers will soon be submitted. First announced at MIPIM, the development will comprise 1,233 apartments and several buildings over 20 storeys. However, the height of the buildings was reduced following feedback from numerous groups during the consultation period, a success for local voices based on the ground. With more apartments and skyscrapers in the pipeline then, it is likely that consultation will be a much needed tool during the evolution of Manchester’s skyline.

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