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General Election: what you need to know about the new Housing and Planning Minister

On Tuesday 13th June 2017, Alok Sharma was appointed as Housing and Planning Minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government, following the snap General Election, which saw Gavin Barwell lose his seat in Croydon Central, and consequently, lose his Housing and Planning Ministerial Position.

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Compulsory Purchase Orders: the stumbling block or the solution to development?

From the smallest regional house-builders to multi-national giants of the industry, developers and consultants across the country know that the planning process can be lengthy, bureaucratic, and contentious. Although the government’s recent Housing White Paper indicates that ministers and civil servants appreciate the importance of increasing the rate of house building across the country, the same cannot be said of all local councillors. While some are to be commended for their constructive attitude to development, many others default to a mind-set of obstruction and hostility to even the most modest of proposals. Nothing demonstrates the significance of this difference in approach more clearly than local authorities’ attitude to Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO).

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Is the planning system in need of a digital revolution?

I recently attended an event entitled ‘Making the planning system work for the 21st Century’. The purpose of the event was to look at ways in which the planning industry can modernise to deliver better results for communities, stakeholders and developers.
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Housing White Paper: Does it actually do anything to protect the Green Belt?

On Tuesday, the Government published its much anticipated Housing White Paper, Fixing our broken housing market, which covered a plethora of ways to remedy the housing shortage, from simplifying and strengthening local and neighbourhood planning, to addressing the skills shortage.

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Housing White Paper: Announcements, Analysis and Reaction

The Government has published its Housing White Paper, Fixing our broken housing market, in which it sets out how it intends to boost housing supply. The Government claims that the White Paper addresses the issues which are preventing it from hitting its house-building targets, providing a long-term strategy to build the homes the country needs.

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The Politics of Planning - West of England Case Study

Those with an interest in strategic land acquisition and planning promotion should take the political constraints into account when considering future options.

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Free Food for Thought - or how I ended up talking social media and planning

Free Food:

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A step forward for Liverpool’s Local Plan?

Liverpool City Council has announced a six week public consultation on its draft Local Plan and is seeking feedback on its aims to grow the city’s economy up to 2033. The Council seeks to do this by identifying land for jobs, retail, development and housing. The Plan also includes a commitment to the protection of greenspaces and local parks which will come as positive news for the various green space campaign groups that have been started across the city. Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, commented that, “Liverpool’s Local Plan is a roadmap for the city’s growth. It demonstrates our commitment to building new homes, attracting new jobs and critically, protecting our parks and opening up new ways for future generations to enjoy them.”

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Consultation Institute – Breakfast Seminar

This month, in association with YouGov, we launched our report following a poll of 1,401 Councillors across Great Britain asking their opinions on social media, and how they see the social landscape developing in relation to the planning consultation process.

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Consultation Online Report

Social media can no longer be considered new. Both Facebook and Twitter have been going for more than 10 years. In that time, social media has rapidly become a tool for people to read news, gather information and interact with friends and family.

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