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For the many, not the few? A look back at Labour Party Conference 2017

The Labour Party’s members descended on Brighton this week in buoyant mood, a mood echoed by their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. For the first time since 2014 Labour held a conference that was not in the shadow of a leadership contest, and the Leader was finally able to revel in his victory knowing his position has never been safer.

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General Election results: What you need to know for the North

What a difference a campaign makes. When Theresa May called the snap election back in April, she did so in the full confidence that the Conservatives would return with an overwhelming majority, spurred on by the previous weekend’s polls. Seven weeks later, hardly anyone could believe it when the exit polls indicated a hung parliament. Nine seats short of an overall majority, and one week away from the beginning of Brexit negotiations, Mrs May has difficult days ahead.

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The seven most defining moments of Election 2017 night

It’s been an eventful night with winners, losers and plenty of uncertainty. For those of you who weren’t glued to the coverage all night, here’s our speedy guide of some of the key moments.

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The key housing pledges from the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem manifestos

This week the three main parties officially launched their General Election manifestos.

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It’s grim up North (election turnout that is)

4th May 2017 was a historic day for several regions across the North. Liverpool, Manchester, Tees Valley and the West Midlands (which is in the North if you’re in London but South if you’re in Newcastle) all chose directly elected Mayors for the first time.

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Meet the New West Midlands Metro Mayor Andy Street

On Thursday 4th May 2017 Conservative Andy Street was elected the first Metro Mayor for the West Midlands.

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What would a Labour government mean for the housing sector?

Late on Wednesday, a draft of the Labour 2017 general election manifesto was leaked to the press. The draft was initially circulated by the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph

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What do the local elections teach us about the 2017 general election?

On Thursday, voters in England, Wales and Scotland went to the polls to vote in the 2017 local elections.

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Housing Plans revealed in West Midlands contest

The Labour Party’s candidate in the West Midlands Metro Mayor race, Sion Simon, has pledged to kick start the building of 30,000 new homes in the region by providing a £500 million reclamation fund in order to prepare former industrial sites and waste ground for new development.

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Metro Mayors Special: The Great Devolution Experiment

On 4th May 2017, almost 7 million people in six Combined Authorities across England will elect the first Metro Mayors.  With nominations closing this week and less than a month to go until Polling Day, our North Region Director, Kevin Whitmore, takes a look at what the new Metro Mayors mean for politics across the North and what you can expect to hear from candidates over the coming weeks. 

You can download our handy guide to the key powers held by the new Mayors in each City Region here.

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