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What do the local elections teach us about the 2017 general election?

On Thursday, voters in England, Wales and Scotland went to the polls to vote in the 2017 local elections.

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The narrative of Gorton - local or national?

In February 2017, a by-election was trigged in the constituency of Manchester Gorton following the death of the Labour MP and father of the House, Gerald Kaufman. At the time, the election was scheduled to take place on May 4, alongside the first wave of locally elected mayors. With just the one by-election taking place on the day, the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats (who saw the seat as entirely winnable) plunged substantial amounts of resources into the contest.

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General Election 2017 – Everything you need to know

The Westminster bubble went into a frenzy on Tuesday morning as the Prime Minister’s office announced Theresa May would be giving a statement outside Number 10. The main guesses in both the traditional and social medias were a snap General Election – something the PM said she wouldn’t do – or resignation over ill-health. A text from the PM’s advisor Fiona Hill to Adam Boulton killed that story.

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