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The referendum and housing


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The other side of the consultation coin - Consultation Online

Imagine turning up at a party where you don’t know anyone. Imagine that you
then realise everyone else is speaking Russian. You don’t speak Russian.

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Fracking in North Yorkshire: a comparison

week saw a landmark for the incipient fracking industry in the UK, as the first
new permission to undertake hydraulic fracturing since 2011 was granted by
North Yorkshire County Council.

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Foreign investment and the EU: Fear of the unknown?

This week, EY
released figures
that showed that the UK had its best-performing year for
attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) since 1997. Last year saw the UK
attract a record 1,065 projects which, in turn, created 42,000 jobs. This
investment means that we now hold a 20.9% share of projects within the European
market, making us Europe’s FDI leader.

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Deadlock Broken – Carwyn Jones unveils cross-party cabinet following reappointment in the Senedd


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The Queens Speech: The Wales Bill


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The election on reflection – Labour’s gamble

The elections this year were very unremarkable. Many were
expecting a real test of Jeremy Corbyn’s credibility as Labour leader, but the
results have proved very so-so for all of the parties. After what was essentially
a stalemate, all of the parties will be able to claim at least some success.

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Wales stays red (just!)


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Yes we Khan! Labour take control of London Assembly and snatch mayoralty

Labour's Sadiq Khan has been declared the new Mayor of London despite a last-minute fall in his lead over rival Zac Goldsmith. Khan is now the capital's first ever Muslim mayor and the first Labour mayor since Ken Livingstone's defeat in 2008.

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Welsh Assembly Elections 2016


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