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The National Assembly at 20

20 years ago this week the people of Wales historically voted ‘Yes’ in the devolution referendum put forward by the newly elected Blair government.

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Secretary of State calls for more power for Welsh regions

On the anniversary of Wales voting ‘Yes’ in the devolution referendum in 1997 the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP, has called for Wales to decentralise power away from Cardiff and to ‘respond to the challenge’ which has been posed by the recent election of Metro Mayors in Manchester, Merseyside and the West of England.

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Southern Devolution: how can we get it back on track?

The prospect of a Solent Combined Authority Devolution was pegged as ‘dead in the water’ earlier this year, following a last minute turn around of position from Isle of Wight Council, after the Island Independents’ leader stood down and was replaced by an Conservative leader. This was by no means the only iteration of Solent Devolution, but it was perceived as one of the most credible, and therefore has, understandably, left ill feeling amongst the local authorities involved.

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It’s grim up North (election turnout that is)

4th May 2017 was a historic day for several regions across the North. Liverpool, Manchester, Tees Valley and the West Midlands (which is in the North if you’re in London but South if you’re in Newcastle) all chose directly elected Mayors for the first time.

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Metro Mayors Special: The Great Devolution Experiment

On 4th May 2017, almost 7 million people in six Combined Authorities across England will elect the first Metro Mayors.  With nominations closing this week and less than a month to go until Polling Day, our North Region Director, Kevin Whitmore, takes a look at what the new Metro Mayors mean for politics across the North and what you can expect to hear from candidates over the coming weeks. 

You can download our handy guide to the key powers held by the new Mayors in each City Region here.

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A National Infrastructure Commission for Wales? Progress so far

Last week the Welsh Government published the response of the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates AM, to the National Assembly’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee report on the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales.

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Connecting the North: anger, optimism, and no answers

Last week, I attended the Devo Question Time: Connecting the North panel event at Manchester Town Hall. When faced with the invitation, I have to say my initial reaction was one of reluctance as I am experiencing devolution-fatigue, but I hoped it would surprise me and clearly others in the audience thought similarly: the venue was fully-booked, with many people having to stand at the back.

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Mayoral Candidates outline their vision for the West Midlands

Major candidates for the upcoming West Midlands Metro Mayor election have given their thoughts on the future of housing and infrastructure across the region.

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Draft Wales Bill, representing the next stage of powers being devolved to Cardiff Bay, backed by Assembly Members

Assembly Members debated the UK Government’s draft Wales Bill on 17 January, approving the legislation by 38-17. The next stage of Welsh devolution will now proceed through the House of Commons, where MPs will have their say, before becoming law later this year.

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Is the South East about to get a new transport body?

The South East is seeking to gain its own transport statutory body, newly published board papers from East Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council reveal.

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