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Is the planning system in need of a digital revolution?

I recently attended an event entitled ‘Making the planning system work for the 21st Century’. The purpose of the event was to look at ways in which the planning industry can modernise to deliver better results for communities, stakeholders and developers.
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Consultation Online at the Zetter Townhouse

Put a group of developers, planners and architects in a room with the seminar topic “Social Media in Consultation” and you would probably expect the response to be one of reticence, confusion and a general sense of “why bother?” Well you’d be right, but the mood is changing in the industry and for good reason.

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Free Food for Thought - or how I ended up talking social media and planning

Free Food:

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Consultation Institute – Breakfast Seminar

This month, in association with YouGov, we launched our report following a poll of 1,401 Councillors across Great Britain asking their opinions on social media, and how they see the social landscape developing in relation to the planning consultation process.

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Consultation Online Report

Social media can no longer be considered new. Both Facebook and Twitter have been going for more than 10 years. In that time, social media has rapidly become a tool for people to read news, gather information and interact with friends and family.

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