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Is the planning system in need of a digital revolution?

I recently attended an event entitled ‘Making the planning system work for the 21st Century’. The purpose of the event was to look at ways in which the planning industry can modernise to deliver better results for communities, stakeholders and developers.
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The Politics of Planning - West of England Case Study

Those with an interest in strategic land acquisition and planning promotion should take the political constraints into account when considering future options.

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Rules of Engagement

Engaging with stakeholders can be a particularly daunting task, especially if you are unsure how they will react to you dropping them a call for the first time. Nevertheless, it is something that can have great benefits in the short term, and build relationships that work long into the future. So what are the unwritten rules?

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Consultation Online at the Zetter Townhouse

Put a group of developers, planners and architects in a room with the seminar topic “Social Media in Consultation” and you would probably expect the response to be one of reticence, confusion and a general sense of “why bother?” Well you’d be right, but the mood is changing in the industry and for good reason.

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Free Food for Thought - or how I ended up talking social media and planning

Free Food:

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New report shows 60% of councillors believe developers should be engaging with local communities through social media as part of consultation process

The growing importance of social media as an engagement tool in the planning consultation process has been highlighted in a Remarkable Engagement survey of 1,401 councillors across Great Britain.

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Southern Devolution - The backdrop to devolution

With devolution still leaving many people scratching their heads, Remarkable Engagement will attempt to bring the topic of southern devolution into sharper focus.

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Southern Devolution - An introduction

It’s fair to say the path to Southern Devolution has been a bumpy one. Serious proposals for a ‘Southern Powerhouse’ have been in the pipeline for well over a year now, but disagreement between council leaders in Hampshire and goings-on in Westminster have threatened to scupper the plans. Over time, the fault lines have appeared resulting in the emergence of what appears to be two opposing factions.

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