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The Politics of Planning - West of England Case Study

Written by George Beard

Account Manager

Those with an interest in strategic land acquisition and planning promotion should take the political constraints into account when considering future options.

An understanding of and appreciation for the importance of political engagement right from the earliest stages of considering a site for planning is key.

At Remarkable Engagement, we have unparalleled experience in developing political and community engagement programmes to assist in the long term and strategic promotion of land through policy development processes such as the West of England JSP/JTS process.

It’s not only important once you have a site to promote, but it’s also useful to consider, politically, where should you be looking at to acquire land in future?

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If you have any questions regarding the JSP process get in touch with the Bristol team info@remarkablegroup.co.uk0117 247 0151 or tweet us at @rem_engagement.


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