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Planning in Wales is changing

From August 1st 2016 developers are required to consult with the Welsh communities in which they wish to build prior to submitting a planning application.

Those applications submitted without evidence of such engagement won’t be validated by the Local Planning Authority.

It is therefore vital to undertake pre-application consultation in accordance with the Planning (Wales) Act in order to prevent any unnecessary delays to your projects.

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What's required?

The Act seeks to ensure thorough community consultation takes place.


In summary, the new legislation requires:

  • A minimum twenty-eight day consultation period prior to the submission of a planning application - allowing residents and elected stakeholders to comment. This is in addition to the Local Planning Authority’s own consultation period following submission. 
  • Site notices displayed throughout the twenty eight day consultation period, which should inform residents of the proposal, the consultation and information about how to provide feedback.
  • Letters sent to site neighbours, local Councillors and relevant Town/Community Councillors informing them of the proposal.
  • Telephone, website and email contacts clearly posted on all relevant materials allowing the public to contact the team, get an understanding the proposals and leave any feedback they wish to make.
  • All application materials made available to the public in an accessible space throughout the twenty eight day period. This could be online via a website or in a public location such as a community centre.

Following the completion of the consultation, developers will now have to include a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) Report that evidences engagement and the issues raised by respondents. These responses will be considered by the council’s Planning Officers in addition to what’s raised during their own official consultation undertaken post-submission.

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