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Cheshire East looking to resubmit its Local Plan

The Local Plan process for Cheshire East has been a long
and winding road
. After examination, the plan was suspended by inspector
Stephen Pratt in 2014 to allow further work to be carried out, the Council is
now proposing to resubmit
its application in June

The changes made have been significant enough to require a
new public consultation, which will run between March and April. The initial
plan included a minimum of 27,000 houses between 2010 and 2030, which has now
been increased by 33% to 36,000 over the same period.

Following an announcement of a criminal investigation into
the current leader, Michael Jones, over contracts awarded to a firm run by his
physiotherapist, the Conservatives have elected Rachael Bailey as their new
. Councillor Bailey will maintain her position as the Cabinet Member
for the Local Plan until being officially announced as the Leader of the
Council at its next full meeting. Commenting on the plans, she has said:

“The positive views expressed by the inspector have enabled
the council to make amendments to our local plan with confidence and publish
these for consultation.

With the local plan process appearing to be back on track and
supported by the inspector, we should hopefully have an up-to-date plan in
place sooner rather than later, which will surely be welcomed by all those

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