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Five ways self-drive vehicles could transform our towns and cities

With hindsight, Chancellor Phillip Hammond could have planned his announcement better. Who could resist comparing driverless cars to what critics see as a driverless government? Lack of spin aside though, autonomous vehicles are important and the announcement welcome.

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Housing Rumour Run-Down - Autumn Budget 2017

With the Autumn Budget just a few days away and the rumour mill in full swing, Remarkable has compiled a handy guide to the housing policies that could feature in Philip Hammond’s statement on 22 November.

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UK Government Clean Growth Strategy: close but no cigar

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Can the Northern Powerhouse get from A to Generation Z?

Last week's IPPR North State of the North 2017 Report provides sobering reading with a dash of comfort for policy makers and those working in the built environment.

Its publication in the same week as media previews ahead of the opening of the Ordsall Chord in Manchester – the second-longest bridge in the world to carry twin heavy-rail tracks – illustrates the undoubted potential of our region as well as the challenges that Millennials (aged 22-37) and ‘Generation Z’ (aged 21 and younger) will face over the next two decades.

First the good news

  • 46,000 new jobs in the digital sector will be created
  • The North will reduce its carbon emissions faster than any other UK region or nation
  • The North produces more than one third of the UK’s total renewable electricity

Now the bad news

  • By 2030 BREXIT is likely to have twice the impact on the North’s GDP as it will on London’s
  • Over 40% of northern jobs are at a high risk due to greater automation
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The Importance of Digital Campaigning to a Successful Consultation

Just over a year ago, Remarkable Group partnered with YouGov to produce a comprehensive report which focused on Councillors’ views on Social Media and the Planning Consultation Process. The results were both striking and wholly unsurprising.

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Are singletons left behind on affordable housing?

In 2011 the Office of National Statistics reported that 35% of households were occupied by just one person. Despite the growing number of singletons in the UK, they remain at the bottom of the pile for affordable housing provision.

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Full Steam Ahead for the JSP

South Gloucestershire Council became the first authority to approve the JSP, following the West of England Joint Committee’s decision to push forward the plan for 105,000 new homes. Bristol City, Bath & North East Somerset and North Somerset Councils are all still yet to confirm their support for the plan before it goes out to public consultation.

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Five planning system changes you need to know about

Remarkable Group has identified five changes coming to the planning system that every developer should know about.

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No spooky surprise for households as interest rates rise

On Thursday, the Bank of England’s (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee voted 7-2 in favour of the first UK interest rate rise since July 2007. Previously at 0.25%, yesterday’s decision saw rates reach a more modest 0.5%, still the second lowest on record.

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Micro Housing: A Macro Solution?

Last month, property developers U+I announced plans to build micro housing for rent in central London, noting that they were currently in discussions with several inner London boroughs. The benefit, they say, is that the low rents allow people to save up to buy their first property. Their developments would be targeted to achieve the Mayor’s London Living Rent; an attractive option when Londoners are currently spending 40% of their income on rent. This week, we look at whether micro housing could provide a solution to the UK housing crisis.

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