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Week on the Web

YouTube: the end of an era?

In the past few days YouTube has gained a lot of social media attention for upsetting YouTubers over a new monetization policy. Throw in a hashtag (#YouTubeIsOverParty) that gained over 350,000 tweets on the first day and you’re on the verge of a social media meltdown. The policy, enforcing new, more advertiser-friendly content guidelines, means that the uneasy balance between YouTube as a money-making corporate entity and YouTube as a place of free expression has just grown to a new level of tenuous.    


Previous social media platforms, such as MySpace died because a bigger and better competitor came along. At this point in the World Wide Web there is no competitor that does what YouTube does for its creators at nearly the efficiency of YouTube. However, YouTube won’t just suddenly be ‘over’ at the drop of a hat because of these newly imposed restrictions; but it is defiantly holding the door open for them to leave at any time.

 Rebecca Black’s “The Great Divide”…of opinions maybe? 

 Rebecca Black is back.

In a vlog posted on March 12th 2016 Rebecca Black talked about what was happening with her music career, saying that she was attempting to ‘get her music in the best place possible’ before releasing any new music. Her most famous track being ‘Friday’…yeah, remember that song?

 She’s come a long way since 2011, both her songs and herself with a more mature undertone. The music video for her latest single ‘The Great Divide’ dropped September 4th and has been received with a mixture of overwhelming support from fans.

Rebecca Black has picked herself up and is here to stay.

Throwing a ball of paper just landed an entire class a perfect grade 

On September 2nd, chemistry students at The Ohio State University entered the lecture hall thinking it would be a normal class. Among them was Vinny Forte, just an average Joe who didn’t intend to become a viral sensation and hailed as a ‘hero’ for his outstanding paper-throwing skills. 

 This is the video that made him that viral star. The tweet, posted by a classmate, shows Vinny taking part in an annual tradition held by The Ohio State University. According to the Independent, students are given the opportunity to try and score a perfect, 100% pass grade for the class if the student in question can successfully make the shot. In the short days since it was posted the tweet has been retweeted over 100,000 times and has over 220,000 loves.

See you next week! 

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