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Week on the Web

Nothing says ‘weekend’ quite like reminiscing on what’s been hot on the web in the last five days, right?


While Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been dissolving in users’ pockets, this week saw the iPhone 7 survive its toughest test yet: a 100 ft freefall in a pumpkin full of sweets. High profile YouTubers GizmoSlip and ZombieGoBoom teamed up to challenge the durability of Apple’s latest gadget by hurtling it from a rooftop.  

A Bono fide award?

U2’s one-name wonder Bono has been announced this week as the first ever ‘Man of the Year’ in Glamour magazine’s prestigious ‘Women of the Year’ Awards.


The humanitarian frontman received the award for his new campaign ‘Poverty is Sexist’, an initiative aimed at supporting the world’s poorest women who survive on less than $2 a day, giving them better access to food, clean water, education and health care. In lieu of Bono’s efforts, Glamour added his award to their series of previously all-female accolades: a decision that was met with mixed reviews.

Standing (virtually) with Standing Rock Facebook users across the globe are showing support for Standing Rock, a Sioux Native American reservation in North Dakota, in protest against a $3.7 billion oil pipeline being built across the site. It is feared that the North Dakota court’s decision to allow the pipeline’s construction will lead to environmental turmoil, and may uproot Native American burial sites, prayer sites and artefacts. Over 1.4m people, including high profile charities, have checked in at the reservation as a sign of solidarity for the tribe.

Article 50

The Brexit process took another divisive turn on Thursday 3rd November, when the High Court ruled that Theresa May won’t be able to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without a parliamentary vote.

The controversial decision means the government cannot start the process of leaving the EU without an official majority vote from MPs. Twitter users from both sides of the argument took to social media to express their views.

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