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Getting Social – Why your Business Should be Making a Splash on Social Media

When was the last time you went on Facebook and weren’t bombarded with streams of pop ups, adverts and sponsored posts? Well, there is good reason for this. Social media as a platform is one of the best ways for a business to target its audience. Gone are the days when customers are just those who walk into a store. Now, there is a whole realm of potential customers who are sat on their phones in front of the TV, or on their laptops in bed ready to scroll through your website or social media page.

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Can we crack the pharmaceutical industry’s fear of social media?

Social media has long proven its worth as an effective marketing tool, but the pharmaceutical sector is one industry that is significantly lagging behind.

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The Rise of the Micro Influencer

As we all become increasingly swept up in the social media hurricane, it is important as businesses to identify not only who our audiences are, but the key contacts who can help us reach those audiences effectively.

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Social media – going pro part 2

Once you’ve sent in that all-important job application with your finely-tuned CV and cover letter, employers tend to make a beeline for your social media channels. A merciless approach in a ruthless job market so are your profiles up to the challenge?

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Social Media and the planning consultation process in 2017

If you look up ‘social media’ on the very trusty Wikipedia, it reliably (*cough*) informs us that it is “computer-mediated technologies that allow individuals, companies, NGOs, governments, and other organisations to view, create and share information, ideas, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

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Social media – going pro for 2017

Social media can be an invaluable asset for startups: financially viable, most channels are completely free of charge, and can elevate new brands into the public eye. What’s more, a great social media strategy can provide direct access to potential new customers that would be otherwise inaccessible. But where do you start in the vast, and often daunting, social stratosphere?  

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Top 6 free tools marketers shouldn't live without

Trying to create interesting and relevant content is only a small part of your wider online marketing strategy. But it is an important one.  Keeping on top of which social channel your audience are active on and what language they’re using can sometimes seem like a full time job in itself.

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Social Media for Lead Generation

When you think of social media for business you probably associate it with brand awareness rather than sales, right? Well you’re not the only one. There is a preconceived myth that social media can’t deliver ROI.

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Social Media for Reputation Management

In this digital age, lots of consumers ask questions or complain viasocial media so it is important for companies to be monitoring these discussions to ensure opportunities to promote or protect the brand are not missed.

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Digital Breakfast

Hello and welcome back to digital breakfast! This week we look at why Facebook Live might not be for everyone, how food giant Greggs plan to utilise dark social with exclusive Whatsapp group and how virtual reality just got a whole lot…lighter?

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