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Are you sitting comfortably?

The branded film is on the up. It’s concise, it’s emotive, it’s powerful.

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Is it time for your brand to be reborn?

Easter is a time for new beginnings – the flowers have all but popped up from the grass; the days are getting longer and we are finally able to eat chocolate again after 40 long days (and nights) of lent. But for some, these new beginnings can mean more than just the reintroduction of whatever guilty pleasure we have given up for the last month and a bit, and can act as a time to dig a bit deeper. Many companies will look to rebrand at this time of year and have a spring clean of all of their marketing collateral that is collecting dust and no longer serving its purpose. In celebration of all things shiny and new this Easter, we are looking at some of the best rebrands of some of the biggest names in the business...

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5 important reasons why your business needs a brand video

Increased relatability & Trust

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Wimbledon watch: 5 ways never to miss a shot

In Britain, nothing heralds the beginning of summer quite like the first serve of Wimbledon.

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Taking control of your communications – Five top tips for getting started in content

Content marketing is about taking control of your communications. Instead of communicating through someone else’s channel, you can own your content from creation through to distribution to build your audiences effectively.

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The return of AB FAB shows how PR has moved on

The PR industry has scarcely recovered from the reputation it garnered from the original Ab Fab TV series. Now we take a view of the new Ab Fab Movie to look at how it portrays the PR sector and how Edina, industry veteran and self-proclaimed PR guru, is faring in the vastly different PR world of 2016.

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Digital Breakfast

Good morning! Between recovering from the idea of 5 long days ahead and launching into your emails, spare some time to take a quick look at our weekly serving of news, rumours and developments in digital and social.

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Shortlisted for PRCA DARE Campaign Challenges Award

Hip, hip hooray! We're kicking off award season with the announcement we've been shortlisted for our work with Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight, an Olympic legacy organisation.

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360 Video – an application for the everyday

One of the latest trends in the already burgeoning digital video space is 360 degree video. This interactive and immersive video experience allows the user to experience the total environment of the film and not just the single plane of the main video frame.

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Good Morning, welcome back to a brand new week! Before you get stuck back in, grab a coffee and take a moment to check out our weekly roundup of the latest tech, digital and social media news.

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