Growth-Driven Design - Or how to build a better website

Written by Marcio Juarez

Head of Technology

For a while now Growth Driven Design has been changing the way websites are developed. But why and what are you missing?

Traditionally, when you need a new site, you assemble a team of experts (in-house or external), that use their experience and know-how to predict and build a website that aims to hit the targets and objectives you have set for your business.

The thing is, every business is different, so even the best practices and ‘proven’ methods don’t always translate into good results, and with the big bucks websites often require, you can’t always afford to spend yet more time and money ‘adjusting’ the strategy, so you carry on hoping it will eventually work.

 gdd 1-1.png

This process is repeated usually every two or three years with little to no change made to the website in between these re-designs.

So what can you do? Growth-Driven Design (GDD) aims to tackle this issue changing the way we determine how a website is going to be built. Instead of estimating or predicting what will work best, GDD focuses on data to drive the next improvement on your site.

Instead of spending 2-4 months developing your site with little to no-room to adjust the specifications after they were defined at the very start of the project, GDD launches a site as soon as possible with the core functionality and lets everything else be determined by the users.

This means a constant, never-ending analysis and improvement cycle that aligns with the objectives of the business according to real data highlighting what your audience requires from your site.

 gdd 2.png


GDD understands that no website is perfect, but instead of waiting years to do something about it, is agile and adaptable to make a difference to your businesses bottom line when it matters the most: right now.


So…how much is it? At first glance, GDD seems to be a bigger investment than traditional web design (it is over the long term) but if we look closely, it also means that every change to the site is driven by data to achieve growth for the business, which ultimately means a higher ROI and happier users.  Suddenly it becomes easier to justify its weight in your broader marketing budget.

Is it for you?

Think of the last time you redesigned your website, how did it go?

What problems did you have in the process?

Did it make a significant contribution to your businesses bottom line?

If the answers to these questions make you a bit uncomfortable maybe you should look into Growth Driven Design methodology.

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