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Digital Breakfast

Hello! As the season starts to change and another week begins, kick back and start your Monday with your weekly dose of digital breakfast.

This week Twitter goes into meltdown, Snapchat talks about buying movie tickets in app and shopping deliveries by drone will kick off in Washington this autumn…

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the much loved BBC show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and it’s move to channel 4. The Drum reports how the queen of cakes herself, Mrs Mary Berry has decided she will not return as co-host, once the show moves to Channel 4. Fans of the ‘baking phenomenon’ were less than impressed with Paul Hollywood’s decision to take part in the show once it moves to the new network…

According to Mashable, the social networking platform Snapchat could become your new movie ticket purchasing destination. Fandango president Paul Yanover has hinted that his company are working with snapchat to develop a new app that would make this possible.

Fandango’s previous collaboration with Snapchat meant that users could purchase tickets for the new X-men: Apocalypse film through an ad that was run by 20th Century fox, through Fandango. However, this effort only lasted a few days.

 Tech Crunch have been reporting on the trial run of drones making house calls later this year in Washington D.C. Starship technologies have created a driverless ice box that’s now sidewalk legal and is perfect for the delivery of groceries.

Drones seem to be on everyone’s radar this year. Take a look at our blog reporting on Amazon Drones here.

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