#TwitterChat: Henry Bray

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We aim to smash targets: see how we do it

The Barker-Mill Foundation (BMF), one of our long-standing clients, recently joined forces with the Southern Daily Echo to create the ‘Match My Money’ appeal. The appeal sort to raise £40,000 which would then be match funded by BMF.

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#Twitter chat: Katherine Uzuegbunam

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Tis the sea-sun: 10 signs you're in need of a holiday

It’s that time of year again, the smiling faces of colleagues who are off on holiday are beginning to become increasingly commonplace around the office.

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#TwitterChat: Mitch Parris


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Festival season: is your smartphone the must have accesory?

The festival season has officially begun.

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Remember your website?

Ask yourself.

How regularly do you check your website?

Do you pay enough attention to what your users find useful or not so useful?

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(Five) Trends that you should be considering for the rest of 2017

At the beginning of 2017, we had a look into marketing trends and what to expect for the year ahead.

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Don't put your message in a bottle

Video has become an essential part of all things communication; from the way we transmit on social channels, to the eye-catching sidebar animations to alert us to relevant services and products. With the ever-lurking promise of holographic video conferencing ‘just around the corner’; it illustrates just how important video can be for communication in and around our organisations.

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Katie Hurst: Work Experience Q&A

Did you know anything about PR/Marketing before starting at Remarkable?

I had some experience in marketing before coming to work at Remarkable. Recently, I shadowed a member of the British Army Reserve who took me to a marketing meeting. Here, I was able to gather some insight as to past and future advertising campaigns for the TriForce. I also ran Sexual Health Awareness Week at my University this past year which truly sparked my interest in learning more about PR and Marketing.

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