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Remarkable Content handed the ball for inspirational digital sport campaign

Remarkable Content_ Sportivate

Remarkable Content has been selected to run a London 2012 legacy campaign using social media and digital to inspire young adults in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to take part in regular exercise.

We’ve been awarded the tender by Sport Hampshire & IOW to lead on its local campaign of Sport England’s national Sportivate project.

The £56 million Lottery-funded programme gives 11 to 25-year-olds the chance to discover sport for themselves – whether it’s the one that helps them spend time with friends, tone up for a holiday or raise money for charity.

We are tasked in particular with motivating inactive 19 to 25-year-olds to try out, one or more of the subsidised activities being offered on six to eight-week courses run by independent providers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The campaign is supported by a variety of sports to try. From football, to tennis, wakeboarding to cheerleading, there are opportunities for everyone, whatever their level of experience or fitness. A range of inclusive activities are offered for disabled young adults including: wheelchair rugby, boccia and goalball.

The brief is to reach the wide target audience through social media channels and digital tactics so that they not only try the taster courses but are also encouraged to keep attending afterwards, creating a sporting habit for life.

Clare Rhodes, Sportivate marketing and communications officer, said: “With an audience that is social media savvy and bombarded by messages daily we needed a campaign that cuts through and engages these young people to change their habits and try something new. Remarkable understood this and we are excited about sharing the benefits and fun that we can all enjoy when we find an activity we love.”

Julius Duncan, head of Remarkable Content, said: “This is an exciting brief for our team to have won. There’s plenty of variety in the challenge and the aim of inspiring more people into physical activities is a very positive one to get behind.

From an agency point of view, the Sportivate brief gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how brands can use the breadth of digital channels, as well proving the value of creating content that people want, have interest in, and which demands to be shared.”

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