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Twitter goes crazy for #RoyalBaby

That didn’t take long!

Moments after the good news was revealed at 10.25am this morning on Twitter by @ClarenceHouse that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant for the second time, #RoyalBaby was trending worldwide.

Congratulations have flooded in from all quarters – people all around the planet reacting in their own ways to the royal announcement. Let’s take a look…

Here’s how the world was told:

The great and the good responded quickly:

It spread like wildfire:

Companies were quick to add their own twists on the announcement, with @NissanUK apparently first off the starting line just seven minutes after the announcement:

Others followed in their own style:

Some of us were less impressed:

While others had different things on their minds:


Did you tweet? What were your favourites? Tell us @RemContent