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Youth action charity Fixers welcomes Remarkable Group chief as new trustee

Youth action charity Fixers has welcomed as its newest trustee Stephen Pomeroy, the founder and chief executive of award-winning national communications agency Remarkable Group.

Fixers is a charity that supports people aged 16-25 around the UK to launch projects focussing on issues they feel strongly about to help others – setting up activities, organising campaigns and raising awareness.

Stephen Pomeroy brings to the charity 17 years of national strategic communications experience to help boost its activities and spread the word of its young Fixers even further – both via traditional news media and social media.

Remarkable Group chief executive Stephen Pomeroy Remarkable Group chief executive Stephen Pomeroy

Of the 13,000 young people who have already become ‘Fixers’, Stephen Sutton, the teenager who raised £4.3m for the Teenager Cancer Trust before he died, was one of the best known.

With Fixers he held National Good Gestures Day handing out free hugs and high fives to spread happiness an positivity just days before he died in May this year.

Fixers campaigner Stephen Sutton Fixers campaigner Stephen Sutton

Stephen Pomeroy said: “Fixers has shown how, with the right support, young people can achieve incredibly positive results and help others face up to issues that they themselves might have battled. It’s an incredibly motivating organisation.

“For me, Fixers is a perfect fit between the inspirational messages its activists are sending out into the world and my own experience of national communications. It’s a great challenge and I hope to help them achieve even more.”

Fixers has branches in Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, but is headquartered in Winchester, which is where Remarkable Group also has its main base, alongside offices in London, Manchester and Bristol.

Examples of other Fixers' projects range from encouraging men suffering domestic abuse to seek help, to showing young people how to use social media safely.

Fixers CEO Margo Horsley said: “We’re delighted to have Stephen on board. He brings a wealth of experience and great talent to the table and we know he will help us achieve our goal of more young people getting their voice heard on the issues that matter to them and Fixers becoming a household name.

“Stephen’s company Remarkable and Fixers both have a great track record and also a strong synergy, not least because both are operating on a national level but with our roots in Winchester.”

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