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Remarkable Content is Born


Today marks the launch of our new communications agency, Remarkable Content, created from the merger of Remarkable PR with digital creative agency, NUKO.

Our aim is to provide what we believe brands need in a connected and digital world – content that demands to be shared.

Here’s a Remarkable statistic: Every two days humans publish as much information as mankind created from the dawn of time to 2003.


We have a methodology that ensures your content stands out amongst this blizzard of data, and that your brand story is told in a compelling and consistent way. We focus on what the customer values, for example: entertainment, emotion or authority - rather than bombarding them with messages about product benefits, or features.

The content we create for clients is remarkable because of our strategic planning, creativity based on insight and our technical excellence. We can produce these content focused solutions for large scale set piece campaigns or, via our Social Media real-time content team, create content on a rolling ‘always on’ basis.

We use our blend of PR, social media management, SEO, and paid media strategies to ensure the right people see the right content at the right time.


We are more than a content marketing agency. We also focus on the brand narrative that will bring you the best results, and use our PR and storytelling heritage to bring this to life.

If you would like to chat about the ways that we have helped other businesses to hit their targets, or to simply talk over a current communications challenge then contact - content@remarkablegroup.co.uk

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