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Can you help us #getbertiehome?

There’s a ginger cat living in the car park of our Winchester HQ.

He’s friendly, likes his food and seems perfectly healthy. But he’s not ours – which means he must be lost and can’t find his way home.

So we’re trying to track down his owners.photo 2

He’s been with us since about last week and we’ve named him Bertie, for now. A trip with him to the vet told us he wasn’t chipped and was about eight years old – but that’s all we know.

He’s such an affectionate and handsome cat that there is probably a family out there who are devastated at his disappearance.

We’ve taken to social media to try to get the word out in the hope that it will reunite him with his rightful home.

We’ve even got a hashtag #getbertiehome.

Our efforts have already brought one family missing a ginger cat to drop in and see if he’s the one. Sadly he wasn’t their pet – but we’ve not given up hope.

Cats are a big thing on the internet so we’ve got our fingers crossed that somehow the message will filter through and Bertie’s family will come for him.

Watch this space…

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