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Progress, piñatas, and painting by numbers – it’s the Remarkable Conference

For a business event that culminated in colleagues playing pass the parcel and whacking a piñata, there was nevertheless great significance to Remarkable Group’s annual conference this year.

Making it extra special was bringing together under one roof the teams from its three national offices: London, Winchester and Manchester.

Remarkable Group's Winchester, London and Manchester teams get together Remarkable Group's Winchester, London and Manchester teams get together

It shows how the company has dramatically grown, developed and succeeded in recent years – and that was the message at this annual event where the company gathers to take stock and look to the future._PCS1373

Part of the future is embracing change and using such dynamism to push Remarkable Group to even greater heights. It was a theme Chief Executive Stephen Pomeroy picked up on with his thoughts to the company._PCS1500

But first he looked back on a busy year.

“It’s been an interesting year since out last conference. There’s been a great deal of activity. We’ve had new people joining, new office, new awards and new clients. A great deal has been done that we should all be very proud of.

“I believe that by doing what we do well we have been able to respond to these challenges. We have created a platform to deliver the growth and success that we desire for Remarkable and its clients and achieve the personal ambition that we all have._PCS1369

“Change is happening all the time but from change you get very good results. We live in an era of unparalleled change. Just as our market is evolving, we must evolve – we must not only commit to change, we must get ahead and where possible drive and own change. If not then Remarkable will become unremarkable and we will become the experts of yesterday Any organisation must look to renew itself. Growth by definition requires change and change requires renewal._PCS1370

“At Remarkable we want passionate people who create a better work environment, inspire and support others to achieve the results that give clients' value.

“I believe that you should have a remarkable mantra. It’s one word and it’s a very important word – value. Everything we do must be about how we are adding value to what we do for our clients.

“Together everyone achieves more._PCS1361

“Our mission is clear: to make the communications discipline we deliver a business asset for our clients. I want to think of ourselves as business advisers.

“Remarkable has the aspiration not just to be a sector leader but to be a leader in profitability._PCS1411

“I have always wanted Remarkable to be a place where people can be themselves, feel confident, safe, respected, and be able to develop and prosper. This can only be achieved with the values we maintain and the culture that these create._PCS1478

“Our teams are more assured than ever and this has brought with is an excited motivation and pride in what you are doing.”_PCS1404

Transparency was a theme of Stephen’s message – which was picked up by Chief Operating Officer Richard George as he walked the company through the commercial numbers that will be the launch-pad for greater success.

“Business is primarily a numbers game. You can go anywhere in the world and they are talking the same language. Numbers are the international language of business. Numbers paint a detailed picture of a company’s health.”

Executive Director Julius Duncan focused on the need for the business to reflect the needs of its clients in the fast moving marketing and communications sector._PCS1375“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focussed on the future.”

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