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An intern writes: did my Remarkable dream come true?

It all started in my first year of university when I had to do an individual presentation for Remarkable Group.

As a part of my presentation I needed to research the agency in order to get to know it better. I noticed that it was not just public relations – public affairs and marketing were also an important part of everything it does Remarkable Group is a big agency, so many people are working together as a whole.

From that day on, working at Remarkable was my dream. Later in my studies I was required to do two internships in PR agencies. I got the chance to do one of them at Remarkable’s public affairs team.

It was time for my dream to come true. The team I was going to work with was mainly dealing with stakeholder engagement. I thought this could be an amazing experience for me as my dissertation topic will cover the same area.

Learner: work experience is vital for developing communication skills Learner: work experience is vital for developing communication skills

On the first day of my placement I was a bit nervous because I was afraid of not enjoying “my dream”. However, when I was introduced to the whole team and I saw their smiling faces, I was no longer worried.

Everyone was so supportive throughout the three weeks I spent with them. They taught me how important it is to analyse feedback. Engaging with people is something that seems to be forgotten in most of the agencies and I’m glad that I had the chance to experience its importance at Remarkable Group.

I spent an amazing three weeks at Remarkable Group and even if I had the chance to change the agency where I had to do my placement, I would definitely choose Remarkable again… and again!

Denitsa Sarandeva – Remarkable intern and Public Relations & Communications student at Southampton Solent University

stakeholder engagement, Support, Work Experience