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How we made careers out of dropping our briefs. Cheeky!

It’s not often you get to wave your pants around in public without the police being called but that’s exactly what we did in Winchester recently.

No one was arrested – it was just our way of getting involved at the Winchester School of Art’s careers fair where our digital division, NUKO, joined creative companies from around the area to offer advice and inspiration to students.

From a stall festooned with underwear, we challenged them to select one of a variety of briefs (see what we did there?) and deliver an innovative response to win work experience with us at the Pump House, our HQ in Winchester.

Brief encounter: (l-r) NUKO's Georgia Stovell, Dave Bennett and Emily Torjussen Brief encounter: (l-r) NUKO's Georgia Stovell, Dave Bennett and Emily Torjussen

Four kinds of design brief were on offer for those who dared to take on the task: dirty, colourful, tight and complicated.

Each brief varied in complexity, audience, requirements and design elements. Tasks ranged from having to design a pair of briefs that could be worn for several days consecutively to a G-string for 74-year-old Meryl from Southampton.

The student who submits the most creative, eye-catching or innovative idea will be able to see exactly how we react to the problems, challenges and opportunities real life clients throw at us every day.

At the event for NUKO was Social Media Head, Simon Vincent who said: “We had a fantastic reaction from the students at Winchester School of Art. Having given them some really bizarre and tricky tasks, they really threw themselves into them and created some hilarious ideas.

“I’d really like to thank Winchester School of Art for inviting us to the event and I look forward to welcoming one of their students to the Pump House soon.”

More than 50 entries were received throughout the day. The winner will be selected and contacted next week.

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