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Changing minds three minutes at a time

What can you say in less than three minutes to inspire people all around the world?

It’s a mind-blowing challenge. In that time it’s hard enough to explain how your day went, let alone to connect with such a massive audience and persuade them to pass the message on.

But that’s exactly what our digital division, NÜKO, took on when the team was asked to deliver a ground-breaking animation for the United Nations’ Free and Equal campaign working to strengthen the international rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Visit the Free and Equal website and you’ll see that you only have to Google a few terms that include the word “gay” to be confronted by the cruel prejudice which is the daily grinding reality for so many lives.

What we created was an eye-catching film telling the story of how LGBT rights have progressed since the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – but, in too many places, how far they still have to go.

It was an incredibly proud moment to see it debut at the UN’s iconic headquarters in New York in front of an audience which included tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NBA star Jason Collins and the UN's Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic.

A proud moment – but one that, strangely, misses the point about our film.

We didn’t create it to preach to the converted. We created it to rocket across the internet and speak to the full range: from people who might never have left their home town to those in real positions of power.

Viewers might include those who have never knowingly met an LGBT person, people who mistakenly think the rights battle has been won, or the lonely young person too frightened even to admit their sexuality to themselves.

In one shot it summed up the Free and Equal campaign: its conception, its aims and how to get involved.

That’s the power of animated films. Their snap-shot quality makes them perfect to view, understand and pass on. They make complicated issues simple. They grab attention. They hit unexpected audiences. They potently mix images, sound and words.

They can reach anyone with an internet connection and carry all sorts of messages.

Through social media an animated film can travel the globe in an instant, racking up views and spreading the message to thousands quicker than it takes to watch the film itself.

So take a look at the Free and Equal film and imagine how many other people have watched it and what their reactions might have been.

Not bad for less than three minutes.

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