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NÜKO delivers unique animated video to boost UN’s Free & Equal rights campaign

The United Nations launched the latest phase of its Free and Equal campaign for global LGBT rights with the unveiling of an innovative animated video at its New York HQ.

The film, created by a team from NÜKO, the award-winning digital arm of communications and marketing agency Remarkable Group, was the centrepiece of the UN event to mark Human Rights Day where speakers included tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NBA star Jason Collins and Ivan Simonovic, the UN's Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights.

Through dynamic maps, statistics and dates, the animated film narrates a brief world history of how LGBT rights have progressed since the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – and, in many places, how far they still have to go.

The project was completed by NÜKO over three months by a team of six who designed it specifically to inspire fast and popular sharing via social media.

It features music from US rap star Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis, who gave special permission for their iconic song, ‘Same Love’, to be used as the backing track.

The two-and-half-minute film will be distributed to more than 1,000 NGOs and will be translated into Spanish for even wider reach.

Remarkable Group chief executive Stephen Pomeroy said:

“It’s an honour to work for an organisation as prestigious as the UN, and playing our part in the Free and Equal campaign is a source of great pride.

“Our team did an amazing job to create such a dynamic and attention-grabbing piece of work; I’m confident it will be shared and viewed by people around the world, just as intended. I hope it has a big impact for Free and Equal and boosts its campaign wherever it is seen.”

Navi Pillay, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, said:

“The history of human rights at the United Nations is as old as the institution itself. Today we remember where we came from and redouble our efforts to create a world in which no one is discriminated against because of who they are or whom they love.”

NÜKO’s Alex Kirby oversaw production of the animation. He said:

“The whole project has been a real learning experience; the legal and social standing of these issues in certain parts of the world are extremely complicated.

“It takes a while to comprehend exactly what has been, and is still to be, achieved. Then comes the task of visualising the information both clearly and sensitively, in a way that is impactful enough to make people share what they’ve seen.”

NÜKO has a record of viral video successes, including its multi-award-winning ‘Homecoming’ film, produced in partnership with Director Mike Buonaiuto, for the Coalition for Equal Marriage’s (C4EM) campaign to give equal legal status to same-sex weddings. It has accumulated more than 1 million views and 88,000 shares on Twitter.

● Remarkable Group is an award-winning public relations, communications and marketing agency. It boasts a full range of services in PR and public affairs, such as consultations and crisis communications. NÜKO Agency is Remarkable Group’s digital and creative division whose offering includes marketing, web and print design, and video.

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